It's almost March!

Happy "Season of Love" friends. It's that time of year where some of us still have Christmas lights up, some of us traded those for that classic red & pink decor, and some of us just are trying to survive the long cold months ahead. From right before Christmas all the way up til now the struggle has been real with the seasonal depression. It's something that happens every year but it seems to have hit harder this year. My husband & I were sick over Christmas so the traditional things went out the window for our first holiday as a married couple. I think that made things a little harder than normal.

I was hanging on until the end of this month though. Within the next few weeks I have lots of meetings with 2024/2025 brides and classes/workshops. Having these things to get me out of the house has been annoying because of the cold, but has also got me on a more normal work from home rhythm. It also has helped to get the creative juices flowing again. I found myself scrolling Instagram & wishing to create rather than actually getting out there to create. Anyone else relate?

ANYWAY. This is from the latest styled shoot I attended at the end of January. Shelly was our bridal model for the day and she did her own hair & makeup. For my brides reading this and wondering what a "styled shoot" is- it's really a time where photographers and other wedding creatives come together to create concepts. I usually attend these in the winter months when I don't shoot many weddings. Styled shoots like these are where I test out new equipment before your wedding day, too. While I'm not afraid to try new posing techniques or flat lay styles on your wedding day, you will never see me just whip out a new piece of equipment without knowing how to use it. A wedding day is not the time to practice new & experimental things for me.