Winter Fun

I love a good winter wedding. There's something beautiful about the way brides use white in their winter decorations. It's elegant but also....clean? Refreshing? It just seems fitting with the snow and the newness of the year. A fresh start to the year- becoming husband & wife. While this session wasn't exactly a wedding, it was certainly styled to be a winter wedding. Pro Tip: if you are wanting a cozy winter elopement venue check out WestEndGR. That's where this and the previous shoot took place (I have them tagged on my instagram!). Also, a lot of venues in the winter time give discounts for off-season!

This is from the same styled shoot I attended in January for the Valentine's couple I posted about last time. Cruz & Alicia are engaged and are set to be married in 2025. While she hasn't chosen a wedding dress officially, I think she looked gorgeous in this one! I loved the vintage feel of the sleeves but with the modernness of the cutouts on the sides.