3 Cheers for my last wedding of 2023

Tabatha & Lane were my last wedding of 2023. I was blessed to work with them as a second shooter for Rachel, owner of Two Birds One Stone. It was such a beautiful day, and the setting sun made for an unbelievable golden hour & shadows! Their venue was Hilltop Memory Makers, located in Coral, MI. It was so peaceful & serene out in the country- a perfect venue for these two.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, being a second photographer allows me to experiment creatively & pushes me to work with groomsmen. As a lead photographer, I typically follow the bridal party around all day so being able to interact with the groomsmen is super fun. It was also so much fun to work with Rachel again. When you find someone you work well with everything just flows. We creatively bounce off each other & we're each other's cheerleaders.

I loved all the details from Tabatha & Lane's wedding day. The newspapers, the drinks named after their dogs, the boys smoking cigars, & the hot chocolate bar were all amazing. Listen, I don't drink alcohol when I'm working, so when I saw that hot chocolate bar I was stoked. I haven't worked many weddings this year without non-alcoholic drinks (besides pop which I don't drink). So when I saw that hot chocolate bar I knew I couldn't not get a cup & let me tell you: it was delicious.

My favorite detail from Tab & Lane's big day was her shoes. She had THE Betsey Johnson boots. You know the ones. The beautiful, gorgeous sparkly ankle boots. I don't know anything about high end fashion- I don't keep up with anything and I just wear what makes me happy & comfy aka sweatpants. I don't even know designer names. BUT these boots are a dream. I wanted them for my own wedding, but had a hard time wrapping my brain around the cost of them. So being able to photograph a bride who had them was a dream.