Ray & Rae Dawn


Ray & Rae Dawn's Wedding Day kicked off my September, and man was it a good way to kick off a month. This wedding was special to me because I've known Rae Dawn and her family for about 5.5 years now. In fact, her son is the pastor of our church and is marrying me & Malachi soon.

Rae Dawn's daughter-in-law, Jen, did a beautiful job assembling the charcuterie table. And what a unique idea! The charcuterie table allowed people to grab something light and sit & converse with each other. I was able to sit down and have a conversation with multiple people, which was nice because usually I'm running around behind the scenes coordinating. I took quite a few photos of the charcuterie tables- I mean how cute are the salami/pepperoni roses?! And also I love cheese & crackers. Like a lot. Wanna know the best place for brie & crackers? The Vintage in downtown Port Huron. If you like fancy cheese & didn't go to Ray & Rae Dawn's wedding, that's the place to go!