Happy Summer!

It's officially June and it's hot hot hot here in Michigan! I can't wait to share about the first wedding I did, but first wanted to post about these couple minis I did back in May! May was a super busy month for us- we bought a house and in the middle of moving I had a senior photo session and 2 couple minis scheduled.

This was my first time offering couple minis because I wanted to expand my portfolio to help me break away from photographing families. I've loved capturing families over the years as a hobby but in the season of life I'm in, weddings and newborns are just where I want to be. To be honest the minis didn't quite work out how I wanted it to but I rolled with it (an important business lesson I learned quick). I first was just offering minis on a single day in April and no one signed up. At our church's Easter breakfast I had several people talk to me about how they were unavailable that one day but they wanted to get couple photos. So in my head I thought "sweet, I'll just expand it to the month of May". Well that didn't go over so well either. I still didn't get bookings. At that point, we hadn't put an offer on our house so I was trying to really book myself up. Thankfully in the end, only 2 couples booked minis (with one of them rescheduling to late July). I say thankfully because moving was a lot- the packing, the moving, the errands for the mortgage company, etc. Plus on top of that, once we got into our house there were some things that needed fixing right away- like our water softener/water filter and removing a huge/scary wasp nest. It's been an adventure!

BUT this couple mini turned out SO fire! We had so much fun and I'm grateful to them for helping me expand my portfolio.