a big congratulations to

Kattie & Steve

I am coming off a whirlwind from the last couple weeks. To say I've been busy is an understatement, but it's been so so good! I had the pleasure of photographing my first wedding back on June 3rd for Kattie & Steve. I'm ever so thankful for them working with me and allowing me to capture their day! Breaking into wedding photography is not easy- many couples and photographers want you to have experience before working with them (something I absolutely don't fault them for), but it makes it difficult to get into the business. To me, their wedding day was the perfect way to ease into weddings.

Kattie & Steve's wedding day was very special- it was just immediate family making the day even more intimate. This day was incredibly laid back and you could just feel the love in the room! So here's a snippet of Kattie & Steve's wedding day: