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March was actually super busy for me, despite wedding season being in the summer. I’ve been taking in lots of education during this down season so I thought I’d share what specifically I’ve been doing. I think continuing education is vital to the world we live in today. I can’t think of a single career that doesn’t have some form of continuing education. Teachers, insurance agents, even retail. All jobs I’ve worked before. I think as a person it's important to chase after educational opportunities because it helps us continue to grow (if not in our career, then as a person). So below are 4 things I've been doing to keep investing in myself! If you're a photographer and are looking to connect, I'd love to hear what you do to continue your education.

Headshot by Hannah McLane, edited by me


The first education tool I wanted to post about is Youtube. All hail Youtube because it’s free! Honestly I’ve even used this for learning how to take apart my dishwasher and put it back together. I’ve just started scouting Youtube for photography education, so if you know of any good channels, let me know! I’ve been a follower of Hannah McLane because she’s my own wedding photographer (haha call me biased). Her content is also just incredibly pure. Her mission is to build up and help you get started in the photography world. This can be an incredibly difficult world to join and she just is so encouraging. Community is something I value because I don't believe we can fully make it on our own. I wouldn't be where I am today with community.

Voyage Workshops

I’ve been utilizing styled shoots to help build my portfolio and learn new camera techniques. The first was through Voyage Workshops, and that was the first time I was really diving back in. It had been awhile since I picked up my camera. Voyage had a brief seminar where we learned about SEO and websites and then the rest of the day was photographing an elopement, maternity, and couples lifestyle session. I think I killed it on the maternity part! This mama was absolutely stunning.

Hannah Mclane Styled shoot

You've definitely seen some of these images in my portfolio! The second styled shoot I did was in March through Hannah McLane. This was more laid back and less structured than Voyage (but still excellent). This was really just a time for artists to get together and create, which I appreciated. I really pushed myself to use nothing but my 50mm lens. This was a new lens for me and I wanted to get comfortable using it for the upcoming weddings this summer. I also wanted to focus on editing after this shoot because it’s not my strong suit. Before I invested in Lightroom, I just didn’t edit. I used Google to readjust small things like light and cropping. I still don’t edit heavily but it’s greatly changed the game for me. Styled shoots are great to use for practice because there’s no pressure. Also look at the difference between my first and second styled shoots. I finally found my style!

We had the opportunity to use this amazing elevator at LMP Collective (location of shoot). I honestly should have changed lenses and broke out my flash, but that just goes to show the importance of education. I didn't and learned from it. Don't get me wrong, I still got some good shots and blur is coming back in style for some people!

Katie & Kevin

Cherry & Sander


Hannah McLane Styled Shoot

Just a little behind the scenes

Boudoir Bible Course

The last piece of education I’ve invested in was something totally out of the norm for me. I joined Molly Grunewald’s Boudoir Bible course. This is all about boudoir-she walks you through how to start and set up your boudoir business. Molly is one of the owners of Voyage, so that’s how we met. I see myself as a very modest person, but I’m also confident in my body and ability to do things. What attracted me to boudoir was Molly’s mission. I always just saw boudoir as something you get for your groom for the wedding day. It’s not though. Molly’s mission is to celebrate our bodies and build up all women, no matter your body type. It was a mission I really resonated with as someone who is on the bigger side and has been bullied for that in the past. I want to show women they are beautiful as they are. I don’t have any boudoir content yet. It’s something I’m working on. I want to provide a safe space for all the women who work with me and I just don’t have the ability to provide that at the moment. We’re still house hunting and not all women can afford to book a hotel/Airbnb for their sessions. Boudoir is not something I take lightly as it's very private and I pride myself on providing a safe space for all women.

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