Hi! It's nice to meet you

I wanted to take the chance to introduce myself to everyone. I’m Catie, a Port Huron area wedding photographer. As a 2023 bride, I did a lot of research when it came to all my vendors. One question I came to ask everyone was “who are you”. And I wasn’t just talking about “Hi, I’m Catie a wedding photographer”. No, I like to know who I’m working with. Do we have similar values? Do you like what you do? What’s your favorite Starbucks drink? Haha, in all seriousness I think that comes from being in insurance over the past 4 years. I had to know my audience and cater my sales pitch specifically to each individual, but also I wanted them to trust me. I wanted them to know I wasn’t just another sales person working on commission and that I truly cared about them and their cars. I love making connections with people and documenting their story. I found myself doing it in my previous insurance career and so it just makes sense to start documenting your story in photos.

Photo by Hannah McLane Photography

Photo by Hannah McLane Photography

So let’s get to know each other!

I’ve included several photos throughout this blog post, and I know they aren’t all pretty. I wanted to include some of my past work but also just some of my life so you know who you’re working with! If anyone else's photos are in this post, they are credited (like my above engagement photos)! I think it also shows my growth as a photographer to show my old photos vs the newer ones on my website.

I have a wonderful family and will be joining another amazing family come October. I'm very close with both my family and my fiance's. In fact, my cousins and I started taking girls trips once a year. This year will double as my bachelorette party, and I'm not sure where we're going yet.

My fiance and I hope to have a cool car collection someday. I’m partial to 70s Ford Broncos and 70s Mercedes Benz. We do have a pretty neat 99 Ford Ranger that’s an off-road rig. I helped my fiance with an engine swap and I learned a ton! This will be the first summer with it completed and we’re hoping to do some camping with it this year.

I love traveling to new places, but my last couple trips were to Disney World. Some of my favorite past adventures have included hiking a glacier in Alaska, taking a Jeep tour in Sedona, and taking a walking history tour in Boston. I’m excited for our honeymoon- we’re staying in the Florida Keys, a new adventure for us.

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I’ve had a couple different careers before diving into photography full time.

For a few years I was a teaching assistant for 3rd and 6th grade. World of difference age wise. Then I decided that wasn’t really for me and made the switch into insurance. I liked the people I worked with, but the actual job was mentally draining. Once again, not really for me. Cue the switch into full time photography!

I started photography my senior year of high school. It started by helping a friend take her senior photos and evolved from there. I took a long break after I moved to Michigan, but am back and ready to dive in again. Only difference is that now I’m breaking into the wedding business rather than families and newborns as I did previously.

I love wedding planning

I think it’s been so fun! I try to work in sentimental details literally everywhere. A couple different things we’re doing are: incorporating cinnamon rolls/donuts into our dessert table, working his fraternity colors into our color palette, and providing playing cards at our tables for guests. Through college, his fraternity brothers would make cinnamon rolls late at night and we’d eat them together. Just little details like that I love working into our wedding to make it extra special to us and tell our story.

And don't even get me started on the fun of dresses

This isn't my wedding dress, just one I tried on. I had so much fun trying on dresses. A precious memory I treasure is that my mom was with me when I did find my dress (left photo). She still lives in Indy so it's quite a hike to go visit, but I just happened to find THE dress when she was visiting me. My aunt, who I'm also very close with, was there too!

I hope this gives you a little insight as to who I am!

I am so excited for all my 2023 brides (including myself). I am still booking for 2023, so if you are in need of a wedding photographer please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’ll open my calendar for 2024 bookings probably mid-summer.